Home Page of SpaceOps Electronic Publishing System at DLR

Welcome to the SpaceOps Electronic Publishing System home page of the German Aerospace Center "Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt" (DLR).

SpaceOps is a spacecraft operations oriented international association consisting of representatives of most of the space-faring nations. It was founded in 1990 and its membership is still expanding.

The forum for discussing state-of-the-art operations principles, methods and tools are bi-annual symposia held at varying locations.

In order to make the discussed issues available to a broader international community papers presented during the 1994 symposium (and all future symposia) will be available through a SpaceOps Electronic Publishing System (EPS) established on the various SpaceOps Member Organizations' WWW servers.

The papers are ordered according to the symposium YEAR and subsequent themes dealing with all aspects of spacecraft mission operations.

Please access the papers via the appropriate participating member's WWW server. The respective hyperlinks are given below.

The SpaceOps Archive is the free, searchable archive of technical papers from recent SpaceOps Conferences. (Conferences from 1990 until 2000 do not have searchable archives.)

Author: Martin Pilgram (Martin.Pilgram@dlr.de)
Last revised: 10-March-2012